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07.14.2012 by Andrea

Leaping lizards, summer storms have been rolling across the country like nobodies business. The heat lightning storm from last Sunday was amazing [albeit it was at 2am] and then Monday night I got the pleasure of sitting on a porch, watching my hair grow from puffy to afro-puff in the midst of a Southern storm. Atlanta, y’all do storms well. ’nuff said.

I know that I promised Walla Walla adventures as my next post, and it has been percolating on the back burner for a couple weeks. It’s almost finished. In the interim, so much wonderful summer eating has been taking place that my collection of pictures on my camera roll needed to be shared. Here are just a few shots of what’s been getting in my belly this season.

Home skillet. B and T are bringing the heat. I have fallen in love with this horseradish wasabi sauce that B added to his homemade BLT. Also featured is my co-worker M’s BBQ sauce which is tangy and tasty. I recommend picking up a bottle or two.

Olives in your salsa? Brilliant! T made her famous salsa, which involves 4 cans, 1 flavor packet, several spices and fresh onions. I am in love, she asked if I wanted to take some with me to a shindig I was attending and I told her it wouldn’t make it. As in, I would devour it all in the car pre-party, oops. It didn’t travel with me.

T’s summer salsa

Shredded pepperoni and sunflower seeds never heard of such a combination it, but pizza joint, Pegasus, in West Seattle, knows how to get it done. Probably one of the best slices of ‘za I’ve had recently.

tom’s special

For some summer might slow down your creativity in the kitchen. Not the case for the W’s. I’m anxiously crossing my fingers that one of these dishes, in particular, makes it to the final round for family dinner consumption. Hello, amazing cooks of the Eastside.

summer sips – waterbrook sangiovese rose

sunday supper!

Family dinner was a couple of weeks ago and JW and AW made us corn with honey butter, grilled chops featuring M’s BBQ sauce and a spicy sriracha sauce. We also had an arugula salad with grilled peaches and blue cheese with rosemary dressing.

Grilled peach salads have been trending on pinterest, so I was excited to have my first one, ever. It was just as tasty as it sounds.

My new favorite go-to. The bits and pieces basket at Whole Foods and the Met Market. Love snazzifying up a cheese plate with the unusual [and far more affordable] on chunky wedges.

They call these leftovers? I call it deliciousness.

flank steak & asparagus skewers

Dying for this meal to make the final cut to family suppertime. As Mrs. W put it “swoon.” Lamb rosemary meatballs, with a rosemary marinara sauce served atop of eggplant parmesan. Paired with Earthquake Cabernet Sauvignon.

How about this goodie? Honey Soy Syrah flank steak marinade [from the Dunham wine club recipe packet] served with smashed potatoes and parmesan lemon asparagus.

And I am sure nobody would complain about waking up to these plates:

breakfast is served

breakfast crepes

Where have I been the past 6 summers of my Seattle residency? I didn’t know that Chandlers Crabhouse on Lake Union had an extended happy hour ala Sazerac. Grabbed some quick bites with my gals and you know had we not had one more stop I would have been all over the Dungeness Crab Rockefeller in a heartbeat. I think the waitress was a kindred spirit because she expressed a love of hollandaise sauce with as much fervor and passion as I feel about it. The ahi salad was beautiful to look at and eat and the ahi tuna tartare was well balanced. Also, can never fault a place for having truffles fries. Another win. I’m definitely headed back there as soon as possible to get in on the their prawn mac & cheese.

The K men [AK, RK & JK] hit up the Hill last week, and I wanted to share all their goodies from Restaurant Zoe. I felt like a proud mama bear listening to all their wordy descriptions on their entrees. Run not walk your way to RZ.

beet salad

steak tartare

burger time

succulent salmon

steak frites

Coordinating schedules with me during the summer months is often like trying to juggle elephants. Nearly impossible! I’ve been trying to squeeze in a paella party with JC and PC for some time and event time hadn’t come to fruition so they had me over for a patio picnic this past weekend. PC as per normal was a great hostess and her deadly pour as a mixologist makes for the best cocktails. JC did the shrimp on the barbie [the bbq] and it was perfection. Check out these beauties.

succulent shrimp

savory mushrooms

My new favorite party go-to item is surprisingly simply, and full of flavor. Potato chips with cracked black pepper, smoked salmon, creme fraiche, sprinkled with chives.

salmon & potato chip bites

homemade bruschetta

That’s all the goods from my belly to your viewing pleasure. What’s been filling your plate this summer? Walla Walla is coming up next.

Until the next bite. Enjoy the weekend, I think the sun is trying to peek through, cheers.


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