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08.02.2012 by Andrea

summer sips :: homemade raspberry lemonade compliments of my friend K

Don’t judge me, I know it’s a rather cheesy title. But, in my defense, I have been indulging in quite a bit of Seattle fare, and food from under the sea of late. More importantly Seattle’s biggest weekend, Seafair, starts tomorrow, and there is nothing better than being on a boat, floating, watching the Blue Angels do their thang [and yes, I spelled it incorrectly on purpose, it emphasizes how cool it is, in my mind], and taking in the hydroplane races. If you haven’t visited Seattle before, this is the weekend to book, the city comes alive. It certainly is my favorite weekend of the entire year, I feel like a kid anticipating Christmas. Hence the creative title.

No more jibber-jabber about the post name, let me share some recent gold medal wins of consumption. I have been using my newly acquired chopstick skills quite a bit recently. My fellow diners might tell you otherwise, but I have to say, I am becoming fairly nimble with them. Thus causing half of the restaurants in this roundup to require their use. It sounds dweebish but I think that until I was comfortable with chopsticks I felt uncertain as how to dig in at sushi joints. Now I’m ready to take on the world!

My friend J was in town from Tucson, and so I threw out either Revel, [Korean comfort food], or ma’ono. He opted for the latter. Good times, good food. I had been wanting to check out ma’ono ever since the seemingly sudden flip-flop from Springhill this spring. The words fried chicken are certainly enticing, but glance at their menu and you will find yourself wanting to order everything! While we didn’t cover all items, shocking I know, we did some heavy dabbling!


ever so tender Kahlua pork shoulder.

Make sure to the order the grits, tasty tasty! Then the finale. As you probably know by now sweets don’t normally excite my taste buds. But the words popcorn ice-cream do. There were no chunky kernels to choke on. Just two scoops of icy cold, salty and sweet melting down my throat. A must have!

popcorn ice-cream!

Diving deeper, within a matter of seven days poke [or poki], one of my all time favorite indulgences popped up on my food radar three times. I ate, or more aptly gobbled it down, at two of three sightings. They were all prepared at different locations and served in various ways. In a bowl on ice, beautiful presentation, at ma’ono, once in a sushi roll, and yes, I did sniff out that sweet tuna smell when I walked into AK’s condo. I’m that good. Valiant attempt at trying to hide it from me AK, I know my poke!

Poke three ways:


ma’ono :: shoyu tombo poke

azuma :: poki roll

AK’s homemade poke & wonton chips

Poke craving, fulfilled. Belly, supremely happy.

I feel like it’s not summer until you start smelling and eating some grilled goodness. AW & JW hosted a picnic party for us as a Sunday night supper two weeks ago. A great summer veggie salad and then a bbq sauce, blue cheese, and sweet onion burger with a fried egg on top made it’s way into my heart.

sunday night supper, picnic style.

Our meal was completed by a homemade dessert.

apples, tortillas, and ice-cream.

Speaking of burgers. Through some late night stops, and daytime prowling I’ve gotten to be a tasting partner of some pretty sweet eats recently. Check out Belltown’s Lucky Diner & newish [they opened St. Patrick’s Day weekend] Irish-pub in town CS Finnegan’s.

LD’s triple B burger involves bleu cheese, bacon and balsamic.

lucky diner’s triple B burger

How do you fit your mouth around this gigantic beast? Meet the Irish-Seattle version of a monster burger with mushroom, bacon, swiss burger.

While AK was munching on those, I indulged in the always trusty, rarely disappoints tuna melt [at Lucky Diner], and then mini reuben sliders.

mini reuben sliders

I was pleasantly surprised with the pub fare served up at CS Finnegan’s. I am already looking forward to going back for some shepherd’s pie once Fall reappears. Of course I am easily enticed to head back there at any given moment since they serve frickles [fried pickles] with a spicy aioli. Generously sized pickles portions, made me want to order another round.

up close & personal


While burgers are a staple of all things summer, one must not miss out on a sausage or two. Brave Horse Tavern hosted a BBQ for their beer club members. It was divine! Their signature pretzels and dipping sauces, roasted peaches wrapped in cured ham, sausage and peppers, along with penn cove mussels and clams with Brave Horse Ale sauce and krispies. Plus live music, [check out the blvd park band] all staged on the patio. Great job as usual!

pretzels with dipping sauce & roasted peached wrapped in ham with honey mustard.

spicy fennel sausage, peppers & BHT ale.

Circling back to the chopstick corral. I went and sampled eel [unagi roll] and scallops [spicy maki] in my sushi for my first time and was blown away. Butterfish rolls [negi shiro maguro maki], another first, you have a friend in me. Thanks Tucson J for introducing me to a whole new world. I’ve had sushi in twice in one week, on opposite sides of the country. How ’bout them rolls?

Azuma :: West Seattle

trying eel for the first time.

Teak – On the Hudson :: New Jersey

This was a welcome treat, and sight to behold! I was meeting up my friend in New Jersey for the first since she has moved there, and because of my inability to master the NJ Transit system she had these sweet treats waiting upon my arrival. T, you know me so well, I was starving! You’re face and this plate of food upon my arrival was the best welcoming gift ever!


Final bits and pieces. I just volunteered with Boldhat Productions for the first time and had a fabulous time at Kirkland Uncorked.

I’ll be marking my calendar for their future volunteer opportunities. Also, September 15th is barreling towards us, save the date for the Mobile Food Rodeo in South Lake Union. Being that it is a Husky game day I’ll be purchasing the VIF option again so I can eat early from 10am-12pm. 45 trucks, glorious! If you’re on Instagram, search me [eatsandtweets], I’ve been ramping up my efforts to document more daily bites.

I’ve been asked recently where is my favorite place to eat in Seattle? I don’t really have a solid answer because it’s definitely a mood induced response. But I would like to solicit y’all for must eat places. I’m in need of some new Fun Lunch Friday spots, I heard Tat’s Deli is a must try and am heading to Nashville next week. Any places that girls on a bachelorette weekend should make sure not to miss? All ideas and thoughts are welcomed, and let me know if you want to dine with me! I’m always looking to add more eaters to the brood.

Until the next time, play stay/stay safe this Seafair weekend Seattlelites and to all the rest of you, cheers!


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