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08.24.2012 by Andrea

Summer feels like a runaway train. I’ve been attempting to fit in outdoor patios, boating parties, movies in the park, and glimpses of sunshine in Seattle. While I relish in NW summers I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m getting excited to don some purple and gold for Husky football.

One of the reasons that I used to puff up my chest and get excited about being from the Portland area is that I loved dining down there. While I haven’t lived there in some time, my fervor for their food scene hasn’t changed. Recently a friend inquired about where the hotspots to eat in p-town are and I realized that while I have some oldies that are still goodies, I am not in the “know” anymore. It was fun to poll pals and find out some new joints that are topping my must eat list now. Portland is as renowned for their commitment to sustainable food. I’ve mentioned before that it’s fabulous how pre-trendiness Portland put themselves on the map for sourcing food locally. It’s been fun to see Seattle restauranteurs and locals glom onto a concept I nonchalantly took for granted growing up.

I’m excited to share a few things this week. Mrs. W and JW made us a fabulous dinner this past Sunday that featured some goodies from the Issaquah Farmers Market.

Hello heirlooms. The varietals were so distinguished it almost felt like a wine tasting!

JW mentioned that he is not a huge fan of tomatoes but I think that we are seeing the tide turn after this crisp and refreshing dinner salad we had featuring heirloom tomatoes.

heirloom tomatoes, sprinkle of feta, balsamic and black pepper

Mrs. W did a great job of crafting a dinner, that really stayed true to the flavors of the foods she brought home and highlighting their freshness. My mouth was watering when she informed us diners that she was grilling zucchini and chicken and doing a brown butter couscous. Does life getter any better than this? Being the road warrior that I am, nothing sounds better than a meal without a ton of bells and whistles. Lest you think that she didn’t add something sassy, she did. I have never had a white barbeque sauce before, but I can tell you that I sure do want to eat her homemade concoction again sometime soon. Zesty, with a bit of kick, it paired perfectly with the herbs that she had shook up the chicken with prior to sizzling on the grill.

I’m honored to share with you the work that my friend R, is doing. As a wife, mother, friend, and cancer survivor she has truly championed and battled with what is in the food we are eating. Recently she launched a website, Freshly Grown, where she will be prodding, and asking tough questions about where and what should we be eating. I couldn’t be more proud of the woman she is today and am excitedly following her through this journey.

Also, click on the link to my friend J’s blog. She’ll be back next year from Africa. Until then her bakery is still bustling as she creates cookie cakes and her normal artful work!

I still have a few pictures from Nashville, to share [they will come in the next post]. In the meantime, JW, Mrs W and the Chairman noshed at Aqau by El Gaucho and I have to say the pictures are divine. Feast your taste buds on these nuggets:


ahi tuna



cedar planked grilled veggies


seared scallops with a grapefruit salad

We have now left the double digits in the countdown to Husky football. Plans are in place for me and a gaggle of pals to zip down to New Orleans and delve into crawfish étouffée, jambalaya, and introduce them to beignets. Tailgating will be a bit trickier this year as our home stadium is getting renovated but tailgate tidbits will be roaring back in just a few weeks.

Also VIF [very important foodie] tickets for the Mobile Food Rodeo on 9/15 are now available for purchase.

Short and sweet this week. Until the next bite, cheers.


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