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09.05.2012 by Andrea

It has been a summer of dreamy eating. I straddle the line of enjoying cozy fall apparel and yet not feeling very stoked to see that the mornings are starting to feel very chilly, oy.

I was perusing the pictures on my instagram recently and realized that I have an awful high affinity for the artful crafting of a good Bloody Mary. Mixologists aren’t joking around. From shrimp to tater meats, whether it’s meat straws or chunks of brisket, I can’t say no. They just taste so good and are so inviting to stare at.

on the deck in roche harbor

season kickstarter

atlanta’s finest

kickin’ boot features a bite of brisket

The cloud cover we are seeing in the NW also means that the yelling in football tunnels has commenced [say who, say who, say Dawgs ain’t bad …. say who] and college football is underway. Can’t say I’m thrilled with the refs in the NFL right now but I was feeling much akin to the eve of seafair weekend when college game day came back last Thursday. No lies, I was really genuinely jazzed for the plethora of text messages I received about WSU charging the field and owning all things PAC-12. Needless to say the pirates of the Palouse came out swinging some rusty swords. I am excited to see Washington State football ramp itself back up, but I’m willing to guess that WSU is not going to see an entire system overhaul this season. It was worth drumming up excitement and the barrage of vocal fans fell silent as the game progressed. Not to say that the Dawgs had a great opening day themselves. At this point in the season half of the country is undefeated and hopefully we put on a good show down at LSU.

I’ve been so excited to revisit tailgate tidbits and it was after a visit at Meanders Kitchen in West Seattle and then a menu reveal that I knew this post was going to be rockin’.

Meander’s is the bomb! The chef was dancing around, muttering beats in his head, writing nonsensical words on his gloved knuckles and I loved it!! It’s the kind of hole-in-a-wall establishment where local frequent regularly and visitors come from afar.

My gal pals and I noshed on their famous French toast, cheesy grits and veggie hash.

french toast for days!

veggie hash

Breakfast over in Issaquah has been crackin’ too! JW has been perfecting farm fresh peaches with small breakfast sweets.

Our first tailgate for the year required a readjustment as Century Link has us a bit out of sorts. Mrs. W and RD scoured our pinterest board and sent out the most divine announcement. Eggs Benedict Casserole. You best believe I scurried to my trainer to pinch and prod my fat days before I dove into a pool of sensual hollandaise sauce. This casserole rocks, it’s a great staple for any brunch! It was accompanied by thick savory bacon and a delicious fruit salad.

purple lighting for preparations!

night before

prepping the sauce for the drizzling.

out of the oven.

finished product!


Not to be outdone JW commandeered the lunch and after I recovered from round one of my food coma homemade pulled pork tacos were being fashioned. Along with lick the bowl it tastes so good guacamole.

The tacos stuck to the bones all throughout the game. Thanks for making a killer one-two combo team W. Looking forward to a great eating season

Being that it was a holiday weekend it only made sense to have a Sunday Funday brunch and what sounds better than a gourmet ham and cheese sandwich with a fried egg on top? Not much I tell you. Thanks B for being a worthy co-eater and splitting the potatoes and crispy bacon.

You would imagine that my belly was protruding at this point but that wasn’t the case as we wondered into Kickin’ Boot and had to check out the sampler platter.

Talk about a pork fest this weekend. Nom. Nom. Nom. Nom.

This post is quick and dirty kind of like how I’m hoping we play in the South. I’m jetting in from the East Coast to see the sea of purple and gold, along with Mike the Tiger.

A few parting shots of some recently consumed goodies. Summer eating has been good to me this year. There really is no place like the West Coast.

mac & cheese martini’s


dinner at peso’s, why not?

homemade enchiladas

bacon maple, need I say more?

can’t go wrong at the lucky diner

french dip

finger lickin’ good

Until the next bite, geaux Dawgs!

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