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09.25.2012 by Andrea

ready to rodeo!

35 food trucks gathering in Fremont, doesn’t seem like it was too far in the distant past. Can’t tell a lie though, my imitation Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader kicks were fairly high when the Mobile Food Rodeo wranglers sent out an announcement about the South Lake Union Food Truck Rodeo. They kicked it up a notch with a different location, 45 trucks, a few new truck debuts, and my personal favorite the new grocery tote. I was hoping that Monte, of Monte Cristo fame, was going to make a surprise open, but that was not the case. [twitter :: @mobilemelts]

Mini food rodeos have been surging with popularity this summer. Emerald Downs hosted one, and Uwajimaya utilized their lot last weekend. I personally think that when Chambers Bay flings open their doors to the US Open they should try and entice a bunch of the trucks to make a journey down South to offer up all the options and flavors that Seattle has to offer.

In the interim, kudos to the Food Rodeo peeps for being able to so successfully drum up the interest to host this 45 truck fleet of to-die-for dining. I had some of my favorite food eating roadies by my side to make sure that I didn’t have to take a gastronomy induced break during the 2 hour eating spree we went on. BB, rodeo first timer RJ, and fresh to the squad the squad CC and DR. We convened at 9:45 to stake out our spots in line and to make nice with the security personnel. It always helps to have security in your corral on days like these!


Being a VIF [very important foodie], comes with several perks, the one that I was most excited about was the recycled materials grocery tote that was included in the purchase price. I was hoping to buy some on the side because a recent city ordinance has retail outlets charging 5 cents per paper bag used.

the coveted VIF pass

don’t judge me, I was just trying to retrieve a grocery bag

Being that it was a Husky home game day, I decided to mix rodeo flair with Husky attire, my food wing-gal BB really took the western gear seriously. Thank you food gods and football angels for coordinating schedules so that I could attend both events! [and BB for shuttling me around, best chauffeur-ess ever].

let’s get ready to rodeo

And of course, it’s certainly not a rodeo if you don’t get a shiny badge along with proper rodeo credentials.

watch out, there is a new food deputy in town.

Much like before my journey began at Jemil’s Big Easy. [twitter :: @JemilsBigEasy]. Having eaten my fair share of Cajun food the week prior down in Louisiana, it was pleasant to savor the flavors of the ‘gator gumbo.

gulping down some gator

it’s such a bright and vibrant truck you can’t help but snap a picture

We found CC and DR nearby in line for the crepes at Caravan Crepes. [twitter :: @caravanseattle] and they were mighty fine if I do say so myself. It was the first of three crepes we ate that day. I always lean towards savory crepes and The Forager was a jewel.

ordering up The Forager

crepes for all!

Next door to crepe-ville was crowd pleaser Contigo. // [twitter :: @ContigoSeattle] I was introduced to them for the first time at the last food rodeo and they certainly didn’t disappoint this time around. We sampled their habanero lemonade, twice, and also indulged in their short rib tacos.

this lemonade has a bit of a kick, and I liked it.

From the tacos and spicy lemonade we progressed to town favorite Maximus Minimus. // [twitter :: @somepigseattle] CC had stood in a 65 person deep line at the Rodeo in May just to get the sample from M&M only to find that most of their menu items were sold out towards the end of the afternoon. We made sure that wasn’t the case this time around.

gettin’ ready to pig out!

Since we had consumed a fair amount of salty items it was time to wander down the street to satiate some that were craving sweets. It ain’t easy to choose when there are sweet wars across from one another so it only made sense to try a few.

Bacon Maple Bars, duh, could have have my name written more clearly across the top? Lucky Devil Doughnuts, you do work!

dig in gals!

Included in the VIF tote, enticing you for a future visit to one of their storefronts, was a complimentary baked good, from Trophy Cupcakes. Let me tell you they were dazzling to look at. // [twitter :: @trophycupcakes]. Their Bananas Foster had all the components that made your mouth water as you strolled by. RJ packed away his to eat a later time.

It was back to Caravan Crepes to try a sweet crepe and boy did RJ have a hard time deciding which one to go with. Ultimately salted caramel won over fresh peaches.

Following this nugget we dispersed, broke off individually and in a matter of minutes had amassed an oxtail/macaroni and cheese grilled cheese sammy, lamb tacos, a spicy shrimp sandwich, a plate heaping full of curry, peking duck tacos and yet another savory crepe. Whew.

When the cooks at The Grilled Cheese Experience tell you to grab a handful of napkins, take heed! I haven’t quit talking about this amazing creation since the moment it hit my lips!

the bomb sandwich

best of rodeo in my humble opinion

curry time!

A spoonful of sugar might help the medicine go down, but a plate full of curried chicken from Curry Now, will not let you down! RJ and BB dove into this heaping helping and there was no chance there would be any for the next day. [twitter :: @IWantCurryNow]

Hello Peking Duck Tacos. Make this a must order when you hit up Chopstix! // [twitter :: @ChopstixMobile]

peking duck tacos

I feel as if the surprise and delight of the whole rodeo experience was the peking duck tacos. I had no expectations, RJ snagged one of us, and it was a whole burst of silky flavors when you bit into it. Well done!

Prosciutto who can say, no? Nice work Crisp Creperie! // [twitter :: @CrispSeattle]

savory crepe, take two

prosciutto, who can say no?

RJ had been scoping out the landscape of the Mobile Food Rodeo and rubbing his hands together in anticipation of finding succulent dishes. I think the Lamb Tacos from Fusion on the Run were big contenders. [twitter :: @fusionontherun]

fusion on the run

lamb tacos

spicy shrimp sandwich

All signs lead you to believe that our bellies would be ready to burst. Not the case, CC snagged some espresso ice-cream to cleanse our palates and we giddy-upped to the land of japa-dogs, pizza, soda, Native American fare and donuts.

blood orange soda, balanced and satisfying flavors

have you seen a happier rodeo-er?

BB was smart to save space in her belly for this hearty dog! Hot diggity-dog TokyoDog was a hit! [twitter :: @tokyodogtweets]

RJ and BB show no signs of slowing down

one bowl of mini donuts coming right up!

Desserts for everyone! Street Donuts // [twitter ::@streetdonuts], Where Ya at Matt // [twitter :: @WhereYaAtMatt] and Skillet // [twitter ::@skilletstfood] were the closers at this eating affair.

last but not least …

The food rodeo definitely deserves a blue ribbon for being such a fun event. There are a few trucks I still need to hit up, like Urban Nomad for their mac & cheese. [twitter :: @urbannomadtruck] The true highlight of the weekend was getting a chance to support my friend JS as she walked in yet another 3-day walk. 60 miles she was walking while I was cheering on the the Huskies and stuffing my face. The city of Seattle did a phenomenal job of fundraising, and I was honored to attend to the closing ceremonies. Seeing the sea of pink walkers conclude this three day journey is just as moving as the very first time I saw them parade into Memorial Stadium. Thanks for walking for a cure J!

3day closing ceremonies

JS walks for a cure, 60 miles every year!

raising the final pink flag of the weekend.

Fellow cheeseheads or you Seattlelites who enjoy being cheesy, and eating cheese as well, this is the last week of the voting for the next commander-in-cheese at your local Met Market. They have had a plethora of cheese based activities all month long, all worth stopping in for!

visit your local met market for cheese events this week!

It’s another Blackout for the Huskies this Thursday when we take on the Cardinal, and it was a wild weekend of college and professional sports! Looking forward to blogging another tailgates tidbit this weekend and then introducing a new urban food eating category!

Until the next bite, cheers.


4 thoughts on “urban food foragers, mobile food rodeo roundup

  1. Scott Zachry says:

    Hey Dre.. It’s Scott, formerly of TBI. Love your blogs. They’re fun stuff.

  2. Tiffany St. Claire says:

    I’m glad you blogged on this event! I had drove by it and was curious what was going on. Now I know!

    • Andrea says:

      thanks T! it was super fun you’ll have to join us for the next round-up! it does the body good and is a great study break!

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