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10.02.2012 by Andrea

Seattle has been rocking the football world this past week. A nationwide, excuse me, worldwide frenzy took place the moment that the Seahawks were declared the winners of a certain MNF game. When Washington upset the Cardinal [Stanford] and rushed the field Thursday night the spotlight shone even more brightly on our corner of the nation. I declared that if WSU beat Oregon that the country was going think that we had something put into the turf at CenturyLink. It was exciting, along with memorable to be on the uptick of sporting news rather than talking dourly about all things that go sideways in sports in our fair little city.

It’s been fun to be able to take in games down at our local NFL field for Husky football, and for the players who are still dreaming of making it to the big time I am sure this is the ultimate experience. The stadium is beautiful and there are certain amenities close by that aren’t found at Husky Stadium. It’s also forced us to re-create our weekly tailgating game plan. Here’s a few snapshots of how we are making our way from the heart of the city to our temporary digs on any given week.

One of the deepest happy hour menus can be found at Toulouse Petit. I like to play order roulette and have the server pick any three menu items that are outstanding in their mind.

bbq prawns

You can never have too much, eat it at the wrong time, or ever not enjoy pizza. It’s even harder to resist when it comes from Via Tribunali.

Spitfire is somewhat off the radar for a lot folks. It’s a great watering hole, where the generous portions are worthy of fueling up with.


eggs benny

Peso’s is one of those places that pre or post game you always see a handful of friends, and the pulsing music never dissipates.


Of course my heart swells a little when friends send me pics of what they are noshing on if they aren’t joining us for the game in person!

My tuna melt partner, JJ has upgraded to making his own crab cakes!

seafood time!

Freshly caught seafood, locally harvested produce, and an apple pie are a great way to entice friends for a get together.

warm apple pie

My pal BK and his gal pal were just in Denver and sent me pictures of their freshly cleaned plate of bone marrow and pad thai pig ears at Euclid Hall.

BB was noshing on a reindeer reuben up in Anchorage at Snow City Cafe. I could use one of those today!

special of the day

I was treated to dinner at Misfit in Santa Monica with my favorite dentist. Delicious, would go back in a heartbeat! SMcD, I can only hope that Jake Locker bounces back quickly and leaves you as satisfied in your fantasy football league as I was with this meal!

hamachi crudo

prime rib french dip sliders

My friend, who I am visiting in Atlanta today, introduced me to Las Margaritas, and their skinny girl margarita with a spicy twist.

it can’t always be all work and no play!

Miss ATL, is tying the knot to a Southern gentleman in Charleston. The nuptials will be a blast, and the after-festivities even better. Her hen party was held in Nashville and I don’t think that I’ve ever had so much fun crammed into 48 hours. Sidesplitting laughter on the Redneck Country Tour, giant games of jenga, a pedal pub tour, and more live country performances than I can count doesn’t even begin to the scratch the surface of the shenanigans we got ourselves into! Nashville, we will back.

JD’s final fling before the ring.

welcome to nash-vegas gals!

safety first!

slow cooked brisket, perfect before a big night out!

sampling local hops!

Bachelorette weekends are always a blast but I have to say that Mrs. W, RD and I did alright on our night in last week. Pork chops, seared to perfection and sprouts were divine.

cheese platter

roasted chickpeas

post slumber party tastiness!

Of course you know that JW and AK were bound to counter our gals night in with fancy dishes of their own. Not bad guys!

bountiful brunch!

dinner at the W’s

On that note, it wouldn’t be a complete post if I didn’t pay homage to the Puyallup Fair with at least one food shot. The most popular fried item long and far ….. fried butter. Hmm.

Huskies kickoff against Oregon at 7:30 Saturday, here’s hoping we can extend our winning streak.

Until the next bite, cheers.


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