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10.19.2012 by Andrea

In life there are certain things that little girls and boys, fantasize and dream of. Being that most of the time I am fairly non-traditional [or weird as some have described me], it strikes me as odd that the famed Tiffany blue and white drums up such a beat of heart pounding excitement. I got presented with my first T & Co. box earlier this year as a gift from a group of gals that I have forged deep friendships with and we have found a charm that symbolizes the sisterhood or sorority spirit of our lady pack. Yet, somehow on this ever growing bucket list I have one item has stuck out like a sore [or more appropriately blue] thumb. I have grappled with how materialistic wanting to have an item from Tiffany [purchased by myself] is on this list that swings wide from planting a tree to skydiving. Lest you think that I am some sort of minimalist, I will confess that should a hybrid Range Rover arrive via the assembly line that is also on “the list.” As a work around, the past couple of years my friend JJ and I have said if we met our aggressive time goals in some of the half marathons we’ve completed that we would then purchase something from Tiffany & Co. It hadn’t happened until a backdoor entrance fell into my lap recently.

I have been applying to be selected in the Nike Women’s Marathon down in San Francisco for years. About a month ago they opened up the race to those who utilize their Nike+ App. I couldn’t get my applicant information entered quick enough. Being that they have always operated with a lottery I didn’t really think that I was submitting my credit card information and data for instant approval. But that was the case, and the next thing I knew I was signed up for my dream half marathon in a city that is known for it’s hills. Ummm, what? The carrot, or the icing on the cake as some would say is that there are FIREMEN in TUXEDOS passing out TIFFANY NECKLACES at the end of the race. Swoon. I was already devising a plan for how I could mock faint and/or mime a motion that I needed mouth to mouth resuscitation. Sidenote, race day was also 4 weeks away and I hadn’t done a long run since, oh … April, my last half. Cue the music of doom, [it felt that bad], my breathing was constricting, I was regretting pressing “confirm” on the application, and then I realized it also conflicted with the ever important UW v. USC game. C’mon! What was I thinking? It all ended up working out just fine, just took the skills of a master juggler. I contacted other local participants who were headed down to San Francisco early in the week, sent them with my ID and registration and arranged a time for me to get my race packet from them pre-start line. Then, I turned to my tailgating friends and lo and behold a brunch in one of the loveliest condos in all of Seattle was being hosted by none other than my two of my favorites, RK and FK, was in the works. If you want to talk about feeling like my eyes were bigger than my stomach, this brunch was the best pre-race carbo-loading meal a gal could ask for! Savory egg dishes, croissants, and a huge plate of bacon, all while sipping on a mimosa [hey, it was vitamin C] while enjoying the company of great friends with the Space Needle as a backdrop.

good times, with the best of friends!

cocktail bar

just one table of goodies to behold

a buffet of croissants, amongst other homemade scones, and sweet delights

plates of protein, right up my alley!

go purple, be gold

Spoiled? Yes, I truly am. There are few things that I am boastful about in life, and sometimes there are some things that I am bashful about that I probably shouldn’t be, but one thing that I do know is that I have a wonderful circle of friends. Friends who look at Pinterest pins, and know that my heart pines after a certain meal, and that I won’t make it for myself and so they whip it up for me. Amigos, who don’t think it’s crazy that I sign up for a half marathon a month out, halfheartedly train, attempt to hit three tailgates prior to kickoff and then fly down for a race, complete said jog, and then am back in our hometown less than 24 hours later ready to eat, swing the sticks at the driving range, and bemoan blisters. I’ve said it before, and it’s worth mentioning again, that my friends are amazing. When I recount the jam-packed weekends I have to say some of my co-workers are slack jawed at the amount of activity that we manage to fit in, but even more, how my core group of peeps have tucked me under their wings and spoil me with domesticity skills that I am lacking. The Sunday grocer at Whole Foods knows I can make a mean cheese plate, and now inquires as to what kind of dinner I am anticipating that evening so that he can recommend a proper beer or wine. It’s pretty amazing the network and cocoon of goodness that surrounds me in Seattle. It’s certainly not something I take for granted or lightly, my appreciation never seems to stop growing, nor does my appetite!

All’s well that ends well. The course was beautiful and I got to claim a check mark on one of the two items on the life list that could have been accomplished by this event. New PR still wasn’t achieved, but I think that the finishers necklace qualifies as the “buy myself something from Tiffany & Co.”

I’ll sprint to the finish line for this ….

clearly the race organizers issued the wrong bib to my pals. just a half marathon kind of gal .

pre-race carbo load, post race replenish … right? tuna melts don’t let you down like my legs did around mile 10.

Tomorrow it is back to the city for another away game [against Arizona]. Two weeks ago we began our away game-crawl at Local 360 and then ended our evening at Brave Horse Tavern. Since the last two game outcomes haven’t been quite what I was wanting to see after our triumphant win over Stanford I can only hope that the latter part of the season will be good to us Dawg fans.

rooting for the Dawgs at Brave Horse

hop-tober tasters at Local 360 makes it a little easier to swallow a loss

if all else fails, a swagga suit always makes you smile

Closing up shop a bit early or late I suppose since I don’t normally pen and post at the end of a day. Looking forward to sharing the best lamb supper I have eaten recently, journaling all the new foods I am going to be gnawing on in the South this next week as I partake in wedding festivities of JD and TC, and reporting in on how BB and I sample our way through a beef event. Lot’s of excitement to come.
As always, until the next bite, cheers.


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