the southern gent & his wedding belle

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11.14.2012 by Andrea


pretty sure the groom is skipping in excitement over seeing his gorgeous bride. photo credit // peach blossom photography.

This is a wedding I had been waiting ages for [14 months from proposal to “you may kiss the bride” if anyone was counting]! I suppose that happens when one of your best friends moves across the country for the man of her dreams. Then you’re charged with holding onto the secret of the surprise proposal for wayyyy too long, plus have two major family weddings [sister and cousin of the bride] to dance and frolick at before we all descended upon the Isle of the Palms. You can imagine why I was rarin’ to go.

Having been to Charleston before, I had no doubts that this was going to be a fun weekend, but we had no idea that Hurricane Sandy was going to have such an impact. We never let her deter us from the ultimate goal, celebrating the bride and groom, but she hovered precariously close. In the end she painted the most breathtaking backdrop and for that her hijinks can be somewhat forgiven from the Southern region of the country.

From landing to takeoff this was a destination weekend wedding to remember. I suppose when you put an entire bridal party and their significant others into a house that has an elevator it’s bound to feel like the frat house of yesteryear and we certainly had our shenanigans. I only wish that we could have had a few more days together.

Jetting cross country all night from Seattle to Atlanta and then Charleston causes anyone to need a power nap. I give lady H props, she was smart to snooze, I paid for the lack of sleep later that evening.

taxi cab napping

I’ll take one for the team when greeted with a grove of palm trees and sunshine at 8 in the morning and later laying in the sun having girl talk around the pool. It’s a great zone to be in when everything in the world just feels right. I do have to say that I don’t think that any of us PacNW’ers missed the dreary weather taking place while were absent.

Of course I was there to celebrate the nuptials of the happy couple. But, do you think I uttered a word of complaint at the bridal luncheon when the aroma of shrimp and grits greeted me at the front door?

rehearsal dinner, cheers!

Or, when a low country boil involving, all things that you can eat with your fingers, is spread out on a table, pot after pot, after pot? Heck, no! I dove right in, many times over. I think my mouth was full the entire weekend.

I think I swung through this buffet line 3 times, or more.

just the first pit stop

for those with a sweet tooth

Hurricane Sandy decided to play hide and seek with us and required the purchasing of an umbrella, playing the famous Alanis Morisette song “Ironic,” and making an alternative seating and tent plan, but we weathered right through it, and toasted the beautiful bride and groom.

last minute finishing touches before their first look

party favors

Then of course, we stuffed our bellies with a down home BBQ. Groan! My body was ready for a detox and a workout upon my arrival back into Seattle. But that certainly didn’t stop me from trying wheel and deal with the the chef who made the rehearsal dinner into leaving me a to-go box with his fried oyster, chipotle hollandaise egg benedict prior to my 4 am departure. No go, but it was worth a try and have no fear, my entire weekend of gluttonous eating was worth every bite.

plating up!

an entire pig!

state-ly cake toppers!

the bride & two of her maids

signs of a successful wedding.

There were some curveballs and loop de loops, but when you see the video that the photographer put together and the sunset that looks straight out of a fairytale it was an honor to be apart of this matrimonious event.

you couldn’t script a more perfect sunset. photo credit // peach blossom photography

Here’s to almost a month of marital bliss and many more Mr. & Mrs. C!!!


photo credit // peach blossom photography

Playing a bit of catchup, expect an onslaught of pictures and stories over the next couple days, sorry if it feels like spam in advance.

Until the next bite, cheers.


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