sunday night suppers – autumn awesomeness

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11.15.2012 by Andrea

You know that it had to be amazing meals if I kept talking them up over the course of a month and a half. I swear the food was worth the wait. Team Mr. and Mrs. W kept letting me know that they were working on perfecting THE best lamb eggplant parmigiana I had ever tasted. Quite frankly each time they reached out to us for ideas for dinner and it never appeared as an option my hope began to wane. Then frequent updates of lamb this and lamb that so much that it became slightly worrisome that they would be over this meal before they even served it up to a vocal tasting crew. I shouldn’t have had any fear, because when team W has perfection in mind, rarely do they disappoint, rather it’s always a mind blowing meal that might even have me reaching across the table, [hey, its not a large table], to sample from my fellow diners. Normally when the W’s cook for us on Sundays they make enough to box up a couple of lunches for themselves throughout the week. I guarantee you that not only did I attempt to lick the pan clean, JW had not a single remnant to even attempt to call a meal for the next day. Sorry, well sorta kinda, not really at all. It was that good!

it’s heatin’ up!

the W’s have their own take on eggplant parmigiana


ranch roasted chickpeas that I ate my the handful to tide us over before the main course.

the finale!

I’m embarrassed, but you shouldn’t be overly surprised, that there is footage, of me sneaking bites off of another persons plate. Thanks for being so forgiving AK, I certainly wouldn’t have been! In fact, I might have put a fork in your wrist had you tried to reach across the table. I reiterate, lamb mingled with eggplant had never been so good.

So how does one top that amazing sumptuous nosh sesh? Well, hold on to your seats. For being the girl who never eats, likes to tweet, and doesn’t cook. I came to the table with a dish, for our friend who is not eating dairy. Thank you pinterest, [heavens should be parting now]. To be able to stand in the grocery store, type in goat cheese appetizers, and see a rainbow of appealing three step dishes was earth shattering. Don’t get too excited, it’s kind of like when I took my niece and nephew out for Halloween. All things start with good intentions, and then I realize my talent limitations, real quick. Such as … cooking is still not my forte, and let’s be honest, it wasn’t even cooking. I had assistance assembling, and it’s far reaching to even dream I’ll ever derive joy out of activities that involve me prepping food. As for the kid element, I am beyond indebted to my sister in law for recognizing I was way out of league and agreeing, heartily I might add, that procreation should not be in my future.

had to document this creation.

With all of my mindless chatter it would be easy to assume that this simple appetizer was the star of the dinner show. I know you’re not fooled. NY strip steaks, seared to perfection, smashed potatoes like Lola’s, and grilled brussel sprouts ala man of the kitchen JW

JW was generous to sub goat cheeses into what would have normally been a gorgonzola sauce, and it worked like a charm.

I’ve been feeling so jazzed about describing some of my favorite meals with friends, perhaps it’s the season. It’s fun to look back at meals that have been shared and forward to those that will be eaten in the coming weeks. It’s easy to get caught up in the food, but I am certainly most thankful for the cherished memories that are captured each time we sit down together at the communal table. Our dinners have forged friendships that only enhance the food eating experience.

Early morning Dawgs game tomorrow down in Colorado, we should win the next two. A peek at our last game at CenturyLink and prep for next year is on short order for the next post.

Until the next bite, cheers


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