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11.21.2012 by Andrea

Happy Thanksgiving Eve folks. What a ride we’ve been on since kickoff against SDSU. Apple Cup is in less than 48 hours and then we await the settling of the dust to figure out who we get to play in a bowl. It’s been a series of games where we definitely experienced some high’s and lows. I figure what better way to officially commence my seasonal reflections than with a personal highlights reel of Husky thanks and greats.

season thanks ::
So jazzed that we did a great job in our offseason recruiting and picked up some wonderful coaches who put together incredible defensive efforts to help us stun Stanford and OSU.

season great ::
Got completely spoiled at CenturyLink with friends who had amazing seats. Watching the live action unfold in front of our eyes week after week was incredible.


season thanks :: 
We very nearly had a perfect season, of incredible weather. Sure it got chilly, and I might have skipped town for the rainiest game [OSU], but overall for all the city walks we went on to and from the stadium we rarely ended up drenched. A true accomplishment for Seattle.

season great ::
Drool worthy food is never lacking. Having to set aside norms and plan for eating a main meal prior to our jaunt down to the stadium required some creative juggling. We started with brunches and by seasons end we were noshing on some really amazing bites.

The finale, braised Korean short ribs, accompanied by spring rolls took the cake. A complete effort from Ri and JW that definitely won the day!


homemade spring rolls and dipping sauces!



season thanks ::
CenturyLink you have been a lot of fun. Awesome venue for changing up the humdrum, so we thank you. But …. we are so ready to be going back to Montlake and breaking in the new stadium. The home opener is going to be a rockin’ affair, Boise State I hope you’re ready.


season great ::
We all watched Oregon fall to the mighty Cardinal last week. I think the sea of tears on their fans faces filled many ocean depths. Can’t say anyone was devastated amongst the viewing party I was with. Having experienced a gnarly loss to them ourselves, it was a sweet, sweet redemption. Here’s to keeping their “O” at zero championships.

season thanks ::
We.Stumbled.Hard at LSU. It was a miserable and embarrassing game if you recall me recounting it. However the Southern hospitality cannot be refuted. They were the most gracious game hosts I have ever encountered. Worthy of another trial visit down the road, hopefully with a better outcome.


season greats ::
I was just talking to a pal who writes for @wazzufbblog. It’s interesting how despondent Cougar fans seem to feel about their team right now. Even trying to perk them up with comments about our own 0-12 season and the fact the they snagged the ultimate Air Raid Pirate seems to be of little condolence. I think it can be said that I, along with other Husky fans, are looking forward to more competitive recruiting within the state and just want to see a good game annually when Apple Cup comes around. Moreover, kudos to our guys, the seniors who started their careers with the aforementioned dismal season and to this years team who banded together to come up strong after several injuries and amidst an out of sync Keith Price. It feels GREAT to be a Husky fan. Thanks gentleman for giving us all something to cheer about, we never quit believing.

season thanks ::
Getting to tailgate with the best crew. From being an honorary Husky to a fully embraced Dawg. The past few seasons have been a blast. While some games this year felt slightly disjointed, almost as if I didn’t get to see every family member at the reunion, [due to the shuffle to the CLINK] I couldn’t ask for a better pack to run with.

Headed to the Palouse this week, fingers crossed I survive my first Pullman experience.

Until the next bite, cheers.


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