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12.19.2012 by Andrea

The past few months have been a period of significant bucket list checks. I’ve been able to do some amazing things this year. My lil’ bro, his gal pal, and I biked the Golden Gate Bridge, I saw the breathtaking beauty of the San Juans, cheered on the Dawgs at LSU and ran in a half marathon I have been entering the lottery for numerous years. All of this is amazing and not to get all schmaltzy and cheesy but I am feeling very blessed with life’s good fortunes these days. The ball of good times keeps on rolling as I am making a major life move and following a dream that has been knocking on the front door of my heart since I was in high school. In the fall of ’98 my mother and I went on a trip to a gloriously bright and buzzing city, and the lust to return there and reside there has never faded. Rather, each time I visit, I’ve dreamt of becoming part of the colorful mural and makeup that makes this city so enticing. With that being said, I’m getting ready to board a planet this afternoon and conclude the process of apartment hunting in NY. I’m crossing my fingers to have something locked down for the first of the year when I return to Seattle this weekend. Hold on to your seats folks, it’s not too major of life change. I will still be straddling both the PacNW and this urban concrete jungle. I’m not leaving my job, rather I am making my job work for me. I will be commuting back and forth to Seattle several times a month. It’s probably the most low risk life change option possible. I think my parents would agree hence when I gave them the option of me cavorting around NY for an undetermined amount of time and slogging through Thailand and SE Asia for a month solo they hurriedly gave the big city a stamp of approval. I don’t have visions of this being unicorns, chocolate covered strawberries, and rainbows. I am thankful for the network of friends who have reached out their hands and offered to pull me up by my bootstraps, telling me to think less and just do it. I have butterflies in my stomach, but am also looking forward to floating anonymously through a city, not beholden to any one thing. If it doesn’t pan out, I will have one foot firmly planted in Seattle and can then check off living in NY in my 20’s since that expiration date is fast approaching.

With that being said, I am looking forward to foraging in a city full of great eateries for lots of new bites, whether from the street carts, neighborhood bistros, or famed dining establishments. All of this will fall under my new category, concrete jungle. I anticipate leaning more heavily on instagram, pinterest, and twitter as I settle in so follow me there.

I love food shares, and how much my peeps know that I get excited when a great meal crosses their paths so favorites, recommendations, must avoids and ways to keep my waistline from expanding in this food haven would be appreciated. Keep the pics and tips rolling in.

Until the next bite, I’m raising a glass to life adventuring. cheers.


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