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01.19.2013 by Andrea

Jiminy Cricket, where did this last month go? Hello twenty thirteen, I can’t believe I’m already forecasting for the months of February and March. The last 30 days have flown by. I split my shin open at the gym and quickly met my annual health insurance deductible, oy! My little brother popped THE question, and I’ll be gaining a sister in law this year, celebrated the holidays, crashed my laptop and rented my first New York sleeping alcove/apartment!! Eek! A squeal of joy nearly erupted as I typed that! Seriously, I’m a New Yorker now and I couldn’t be more excited. I feel like a schoolgirl with a mega crush. I just can’t stop smiling, I want to shout it from the rooftop and tell everyone, dancing through the streets may or may not have already commenced. I’ll say it now, and hopefully for a long time … New York, I love you. I’ll stop gushing for a second and share some hits and misses in my dining stops.

Thus far most of the nuggets on this eating train have left me wanting more. The tip top of my list has been Katz’s Delicatessen. While there is certainly a level of must-eat-at urgency for tourists the best part is how the all the customers seamlessly blend together. I’ve woken up dreaming of my next hot pastrami sandwich. When I walked by the eatery at nearly 1am last week the soft lights nearly beckoned me in, but somehow I managed to say no. A must eat at watering hole for locals and visitors alike, this deli can do no wrong in my eyes.






I was spending a far amount of time in Brooklyn as my most gracious friends M & B were letting me use their couch as my crash pad while I was looking for my own cozy abode. They are in Bushwick and I had the best time snacking with them, laughing at funny stories and enjoying the spirit of the neighborhood.




Of course it was equally as important that I dine at some digs in their neighborhood and chose Bushwick Kitchen as my first point of hand to mouth contact. Admittedly I made a hungry eaters first mistake and heard the word spätzle when instead I got served schnitzel. All good and well in the portion department. But when your stomach thinks it’s craving one thing and then gets another it’s hard to always not feel derailed. The chicken itself wasn’t that flavorful but the highlight of the meal was the baguette and schmear of peanut butter and drizzle of honey served in place of a traditional roll and pats of butter. Bravo BK on that ingenious move.





Brooklyn didn’t do me dirty on our next dining adventure. A new French bistro, Mominette just steps off of Knickerbocker opened up and their hand pressed drinks, spicy mussels, and melt in your mouth mac and cheese made a fan out of me. I hope this intimate joint develops a large following.



I mentioned this on Instagram when I ate at The National in December but I get tickled pink ordering a charcuterie board merely because I like saying the word. It just floats off the lips. I’m hunting for the best oysters in town and this was my first go. Not shabby. But I’m not afraid to say I think this is just the starting point.




You know me I can’t resist giving people an old fashioned ribbing. So when I was heckling a gentleman about drinking a domestic brew he responded in kind by showing me how New Yorkers do beer. Little Town has all NY brewers on the menu and I happily indulged myself in a variety of their tasty sips. Well played M and thanks for sharing this haunt with me. I was as proud as a peacock when I got to take a friend there this week!


One might think moving across the country would be rather lonely. I’ve found it to be quite the opposite. It seems like every week someone is out in Manhattan for business or pleasure and I welcome the turnstile of familiar faces. I can’t wait until I have found some of my own watering holes to show them. In the interim a girls brunch with some of my favorite ladies turned into one of the best Sunday Fundays I could wish for.

Braised.Short.Rib.Eggs.Benedict.with.Truffle.Oil.Hollandaise.Sauce!! Heck yes, Jane, I thought the lobster benedict would melt my heart but I was a puddle of warm, ooey, gooey goodness after indulging in this beaut.


I almost wanted to have a Meg Ryan moment like in When Harry Met Sally it was that good. As was the rest of the day! Can’t beat the first slice of NY pizza since I’ve moved there and exploring the East Village.





What a day we had!

I’ll close with this. As much fun as I am having adventuring with new foods I can’t forget my roots and Coopers Craft & Kitchen must have had me in mind when they added a roasted tomato bisque and triple grilled cheese with bacon to their menu. Comfort food had never warmed my soul like this. Such a treat, I wanted another round to go!


It’s only been a few weeks, more to come as the ride has just begun! Thanks for following me on my eat-a-thon. Breakfast eats across the nation and winter belly warmers are on deck next.

Until the next bite, cheers & happy new year!


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