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01.27.2013 by Andrea


I am starting to spread my wings a little bit in the big city. A goal of mine is to not just remain complacent with hanging out with the folks I do know but to broaden my social circle. That being said after scouring Craigslist I found an event and adventure that put me straight into hops and hog heaven, a beer/bourbon/bbq festival complete with two bacon eating contests.


I worked the festival, poured a lot of beer [innis & gunn], smelled a lot of succulent aromas and met some nice folks. I’m even considering heading down to Atlanta for their show on March 2nd!


deliciousness, aged in oak barrels that previously held bourbon whiskey


a pretzel necklace? brilliant.

If you can believe it I didn’t get up to my elbows in the cuisine, the life of a working girl…. The event goers did work though.




Looking forward to finding my next adventure. Off to brunch. Happy Sunday, until the next bite.



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