eating through a winter wonderland

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02.20.2013 by Andrea


Did life before Pinterest exist? If so, I don’t know how I survived. I’m so grateful for the inspiration that it has given me in so many areas, mainly food.

It’s been an active Winter of eating and I have to say that there were few bites that disappointed. The Sunday night dining team has tweaked some recipes due to dietary restrictions, fighting the uphill battle against aging, and because we can. So far the reports are coming back successful and we are taking twenty thirteen on feeling stronger and healthier than ever.

Unbelievably so, I deviated from my normal cheese plate, and added another dish to my repertoire. I wish you could see a candid camera snippet of my Sunday afternoon Whole Foods adventure. Not only do the cheese counterpersons and wine stewards know me by name, they also affectionately inquire as to what Mrs. W is making and how we can best pair my appetizer. Half the conversation involves me trying to track down the miscellaneous ingredients amongst the other diners. It’s fairly comical and by the time I arrive at the W Casa and JW realizes it could possibly involve a house fire or me chopping my fingers off he commandeers the recipe and ingredients from me. It’s a circus and it always involves a fair amount of laughter. It just might be easier to keep me on crackers and wine. A huge shout out to JW for taking the rosemary.chili.garlic.almonds recipe and captaining that while handily keeping a pulse on all the other meal components.




this doesn’t do the plate justice … such a brilliant meal!


The best part of the W’s home is not just the warmth and hominess that it exudes, it’s the love that radiates from the inside out. They work as a great tandem team conceiving our weekly menu, such as the prime rib, broccoli blasted, and butternut squash quinoa extravaganza pictured above.


They also have taken a group of single cannonballs and made sure we are well fed. The group nourishment exceeds just eating as we are invited to help assemble the Christmas tree, watch season highlights from tailgating and cheering on the Huskies, as well as keeping tabs on all of our schedules. It certainly makes me excited for when they have their own brood underfoot, they’ll be well practiced. This weekly tradition is one of the events I miss the most in NY and am ever so grateful to partake in when I’m back in Seattle.

The B3 family and I took on the world at the WinterFeast Mobile Food Rodeo. Due the smaller nature, or so they said, they didn’t have VIF [very important foodie] badges for the public to purchase. Don’t you worry your pretty little head they’ll be back on 5/5 for the Spring event. In the meantime BB’s brothers, she, and I got into the spirit of eating with our own customized titanium sporks, compliments of REI, resplendent with homemade lanyards. Who wouldn’t want to keep these two brothers around. Not only do they have bottomless appetites they were also game at sporting fur hats alongside BB and I!

In keeping with the now established tradition of making Jemil’s the first stop on the tour we went out on a limb and ate alligator. Devoured in seconds. So good. J’s has never let us down and we will make it our first stop come May!



Two rodeo’s in and I had yet to check out The Raney Brothers. We powwowed about what we should order and ultimately decided that their special was worth trying. Every last bite! And just like Ma they quartered the sandwich up for all four of us. It’s a good thing they were equal portions because I think we all could have devoured an entire one, each. Small things like slicing up the sandwich are the major components to building up customer loyalty. We will be back!




Fusion on the Run has been high on Lady BB’s list like Koi Fusion down in Portland is on mine. I’m always amazed at how a simple ingredient, such as an egg, can be such a game changer in how a dish plays out. In this fried rice box the egg was definitely the leading lady in binding all the flavors together.




Back to the basics, and that brought us to The Grilled Cheese Experience. If you recall I was drooling over their Bomb sandwich at the last rodeo and was all for trying it again. But in the true spirit of the smaller rodeo we decided to go with something that wasn’t familiar and comfortable. Though I still dream of the bomb with its rich oxtail, but bacon and avocado on a grilled cheese sandwich will never lead you astray.



Being that it was getting pretty nippy outside we went on a gathering spree with a few trucks and headed back to the Red Door. Bistro Box is one of the few trucks that makes it’s rounds in Renton. We glanced at the arancini but went for the sliders and ultimately stopped by for round two after we had warmed up!


I think the spirit of the holidays paired with the entrepreneurial drive to see small businesses be successful is one of the things that makes Fremont so unique. They truly partner with one another and help raise each business up by their bootstraps. Red Door was more than generous in allowing outside food into their restaurant during the Rodeo and had their own tasting menu for beer as well. Speaking of beer has anyone ventured into 99 Bottles? The B3 family swears by this shop. Being that they have Thanksgiving and Christmas beer tastings as a family AND have attended 3 beer fests recently in some shape or form gives them a fair amount of authority in my book.


Tamales, falafels, hot beverages and the quest to find one B3 enough desserts to tide over his sweet tooth rounded out this rodeo.




key essentials to keep the fingers fresh for the next round! thanks Mama B!

20130205-115041.jpgClearly one can’t be too happy about how our football season ended with a pair of losses. However, BB was Vegas bound and this was a perfect thrifting find. It’s nice to have letter of intents/signing day behind us and know we are less than 200 days before we re-enter Husky Stadium!


It was great to have a little taster during the Winter to keep us all amped up for the Spring fest. There are usually a handful of trucks in the area during the Fremont Sunday market. Check them out. I heard the newest trend is for trucks to make their way down to airport cell phone/waiting area lots. Fine by me! Keep spreading the food love, mobile trucks!

Winter retreats in Washington have been in full force. We are fully enmeshed in the Year of Everyone Turning 30. I thought I had a lull in my Seattle social life and wouldn’t have as many celebrations when I moved to NY. However, folks are taking our thirtieth celebrations seriously. BB kicked off this year of 30 back in June with a boat carnival and Mrs. W brought in a fun winter wonderland experience.


bliss is each bite of this cranberry bar

Cranberry Bliss Bars and I have a one way infatuation, due to their limited holiday availability. They get scarfed down in 3 bites or less they and are also a fabulous way to get me in a car headed towards the Switzerland of Washington. I don’t think that I had been to Leavenworth since I was a junior higher. Mrs. W pulled the wool over JW’s eyes and planned a weekend getaway in a cozy cabin during a tree lighting weekend. It was a blast! Nothing beats our newfound group drink of choice, the Moscow Mule, [which is best served in copper cups], fun game time with friends and hot-tubbing with snow outside. Rii and Mrs. W birthed a fabulous menu of lamb burgers, steaks, tasty breakfasts, and snacks galore!




moscow mules aren’t the same without a copper mug!

Wonderful weekend, with fabulous friends. This growing old together has been most fun!

Mrs. W has been most generous in sharing her volleyball family with AK, RD, and I. At least once a year they plan a fun getaway. They’re a great group of people, fun travelers, and love sharing the cooking duties amongst themselves. This season they went to beautiful Chelan and I got to feel like I was there because they sent me food updates and have all stocked their wine cellars with some delicious sips I have managed to sample.



top chefs!

No trip with any of us is complete without a meat component. This was a deliciously marinated flank steak with an Asian fusion twist.




the volley-ballers

Sweet treats, and divine eats. You can never go wrong with crepes or apple nachos!



nacho’s come in all varieties!

Until the next bite, I’ve got the great pizza bakeoff commentary to share with you.



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