the great ‘za off

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02.22.2013 by Andrea


I was feeling a little crusty in my writing until this slice came across my plate. Pizza. How Garfield feels about lasagna is the same way I respond to this perfect specimen. If I could eat it everyday, I would. Should the USDA decide to approve it as an additional food group, [along with bacon], I would have been part of the lobbyists. It’s just that good. Clearly any item that has potential to encompass every element of the eating pyramid needs to be closely examined, and that’s just what we are going to bite into today.

Living in NY, you’ve got many establishments who claim to be the kings of pizza. Add that to my ever growing list of determining the best of city foods. While I went back to Artichoke Basille’s Pizza last Friday [the place where I ate my first slice of ‘za in 2013 with my gal pals], the pizza stone was heating up in Seattle.

Folks wonder if I’m competitive since I’m not athletically abled. To be clear, I hate entering anything I don’t think I’ll win at. The great pizza-off was a ladies versus gentlemen showdown. I am sure you can imagine what team I had winning the grand prize in my bracket. The evenings marquee event was plotted over pizza in Seattle at Serious Pie, where the pizza bar is set pretty high! Before the end of dinner lines had been drawn in the sand and the verbal sparring had begun. Think we watch too many cooking contest shows? Put your dukes up, the jousting to the finish line never ended until the final products came out of the oven.






There were practice pies being made throughout the week with each respective team. Plaintive text messages asking if a spouse was coming home soon should give you a clear idea of where the mindset of each duo was headed. Secret ingredients were purchased, furtive text messages exchanged. This was for all the bragging rights. I can tell you right now being across the country munching on a single slice was a lot less work than this tension built up extravaganza.

The new chalkboard wall installation at the W’s aided in being able to keep track of the standings and so the race to victory began.




The ladies went big and found that you can have Zeek’s roll out their dough for you and the box it up. If you’re not in Seattle, I’m also a fan of the Trader Joe’s pre-made dough.



The girls reported in to me things were going merrily for them. Using fresh ingredients was a game changer. Pairing a Cabernet marinara with chicken sausage, fresh herbs, and roasted garlic on one. The boys were busy dropping peanut sauce, roasted pepper, rotisserie chicken, cilantro, watercress, and basil on theirs. First round went to the ladies.

I was getting pretty excited after I heard that update. Then, the guys really put the pedal to the metal and it was full speed ahead. They charged forward with a hearty savory pizza that had arugula, along with caramelized onions, apple smoked bacon, mozarella cheese, and dabs of crumbled blue cheese. Drizzled with olive oil and topped with an egg. Then they pulled out all the stops with a dessert pizza finale. I was hoping the gals answer to the fellows, pancetta, chicken, sea salt, pesto, and shiitake mushrooms [sounds good to me], would silence them but alas it wasn’t meant to be.





This is only the beginning I’m sure. The whistles have been wetted and the gals surely want to best the guys the next time around. What should the next competition be? Thoughts and suggestions are always appreciated.

No more to report in for the day, I’m off to find a slice of pizza. Until the next bite.



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