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03.08.2013 by Andrea

It’s not often that I get so excited about a meal at an airport that I am bursting to share the deliciousness before I have even fully consumed my entree. But, if you’re a fan of Rick Bayless and happen to be strolling around the American Airlines terminal at O’Hare then I’ve got a stop for you.


The tagline, “finally, a reason to get delayed at O’Hare” is spot on. Last week In typical Chicago winter weather fashion I was delayed. I was anxiously glancing at my watch and simultaneously wondering if I should have grabbed another mollete while my plane was circling around and word was spreading that other airlines were rapidly canceling flights. Good thing for an airline that calls home Alaska, because somehow like the Post Office they manage to persevere and to get you to your destination no matter what the conditions might be.


Refocusing on the main topic at hand. Tortas Fronteras. The name rolls off your tongue in such a manner you almost can’t help but be enamored. The execution and flavors are impeccable and you almost can’t differentiate between whether you’re downtown or at the airport …. until your blissful moment is cut short when you open your eyes.


My friend E turned me onto this outpost and I may or may not have jinxed myself and my co-workers when I cavalierly informed them a delay would give me more time to munch. That it did. Don’t limit yourself into thinking that the airport is the end all be all. Rather give yourself some time if you’re downtown and visit Topolo, Frontera Grill, or XOCO, none will let you down.


And don’t worry, Mr. OPSU, I also snagged a bag of Garrett’s with you in mind, and poured some out for my homie!

That’s a wrap. Quick stop, faster consumption, and an even more rapid fire review.

Until the next bite. Happy Friday.

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