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03.28.2013 by Andrea

For a girl who is attempting to embrace living on the East Coast, I have been stuffing my belly with quite a few Seattle foods. Nothin’ wrong with that!

Our weekly Sunday supper session has been reduced to when I am in town and it took on a fresh twist when RD and AK went big and made some of my favorite homemade goodies. Spring rolls, fresh ahi poke and a charcuterie platter* [*you had know I am going to insert that phrase at all times possible when it’s appropriate] all made appearances along with Mrs. W’s annual football recap video. For thinking that we took it easy in our tailgating, I have to say that this season was gads of fun and those sneaky videographers [Mrs. W and R] caught everything. Less than 23 weeks and counting till we open up the new stadium! Can’t wait for this upcoming season already.

homemade spring rolls

homemade spring rolls


charcuterie, charcuterie, charcuterie



ahi poke

An easy segue from my favorites meal gatherings is to focus on one of my favorite charitable organizations, the Vera Project. Having come from a household where an involvement in activities such a music was highly encouraged, I am honored that I got to attend this auction for the second year in a row. The Vera Project supports music, art, and develops leadership amongst young people. It’s a great organization worth getting behind. The auction was held at the Triple Door and as you imagine the pairing of delicious food, with wonderful auction items makes for a memorable evening to say the least.




I have alluded that this is the year that many of my friends, including myself, kickstart our third decade. I don’t take it lightly to say that I am sitting in pretty at 30. I couldn’t ask for two better cities to cohabitate, friends who support my endeavors, a job that allows for flexibility, and a healthy vibrant family. Aging has never felt so exciting and I have been rubbing my hands together in anticipation of starting this period of my life.

For as much as I love celebrating other people, announcing that my birthday is in the first quarter of the year is not something I embrace. I have been known to threaten people, allude to friendship ending moves, and generally stomp my feet, pout, shout and scream, until everyone agrees to not celebrate my birthday. It just gives me slightly sweaty armpits and anxiety to think that people are celebrating ordinary me. I got a bit boxed in on the first weekend of March as I was in Seattle for a baby shower and belated birthday dinner. After muttering, denying, and finally acquiescing a birthday weekend commenced, not on the actual day mind you [win what battles you can], and I truly felt honored and cherished that so many people took time out of their busy schedules to indulge me a bit. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all who made this four day extravaganza such a fun filled fete. Y’all covered every base, and it was wonderful. It also solidified my resolve to not have a wedding. Too many decisions, aack!

A quick tour from start to finish of gargantuan amounts of food that was consumed on my part. You can imagine why I am waiting to have my trainer do my monthly body fat percentage assessment until about mid-April. By Sunday even MY bottomless stomach was beginning a mini-protest. As you can imagine, I pushed it aside and plowed through to the finish line, like a champ!

Barolo, is one of my favorite weekday happy hour spots in Seattle. Nestled right in the heart of the downtown shopping district, it provides for fabulous people watching. If you want to feel as if Fashion Week is on parade, look for all the beautiful people streaming out of the Nordstrom corporate offices, and you’ll have a handle on what’s trending within a few minutes. It also boasts it’s regulars, and an even better happy hour menu. It’s not difficult to sit down and catchup with your girlfriends and realize that 3 hours has flown by in the blink of an eye. This is just a sampling of all we indulged in.





Barolo rarely disappoints, and appeals to a vast majority. I don’t ever hesitate to recommend it to both out of town-ers and residents alike.

One of the main objectives when booking this weekend back in Seattle was to partake in the celebrating the impending arrival of a very special little girl. Last year there was a baby boom at work and the brood of young little humans is continuing to expand this year. N and KC are an athletic, country music loving duo who are about to usher in baby K. This little lady is going to be lavished on wtih lots of love. Den Mama P and .com did a great job of hosting the shower, and keeping all of us rowdy, rambunctious, chatty gals in line. The food was perfect, the dessert table adorable, and the company even better. We are ready for you Baby K, make your grand entrance! Great times ladies, quick someone else get pregnant so we can have another welcoming party!




Is it appropriate to prep for an evening of birthday shenanigans at a baby shower my friend c-onyce asked me? I don’t know, but rolling from a baby shower to a dinner on Capital Hill is just what I did. Manhattan is a trendy location across from Hill staples such as Barrio, and Tavern Law. I had never been but had heard good things about brunch and loved the ambiance and the food. Orders of bacon, fried pickles, sliders, and more, how could you go wrong? What a great way to celebrate, R!  The settings for large groups are perfect, and the service was wonderful. We could have easily spent an entire evening there catching up with old friends, sharing new stories, and forecasting trips for the future. A perfect launch pad for the rest of the night that came.





Introducing Von Trapps, I think I may be blacklisted from their reservation system for life, but it was all worth it [who knew so many people would show up!]. VT’s has only been up and running for a few weeks, and is probably my top recommendation for anyone looking for a cool venue. Sport your lederhosen, make frocks from window coverings, and belt out the Hill is alive with the sound of cheers! In one of the most highly anticipated openings, on my personal list, Von Trapps swung open their doors in mid-February and the people have not quit streaming through this bier hall. Bocce ball, brats, shuffleboard and steins of tasty liquids are all available at this former candy factory. Close to Canon and Lark, and residing next to The Chieftain, this is a must visit restaurant. The lines are long on the weekends, reservations are no longer accepted on days that start with F or S, yet I guarantee it’s all worth it! Nobody could not fall in love this this place, and it only beckons you to join in revelry and great fun. This place screamed R & D and we had a nonstop night of fun! 20130308-080646.jpg


gotta love shuffleboard!


pretzel? why yes, please.


pass das boot.


trio of beautiful ladies, including one surprise visitor hailing from Atlanta.


heart these girls!

Thank you again to everyone who make the trek up to Von Trapps, big apologies to everyone who stood in line and didn’t get to grace the inside, and many thanks to the staff of Von Trapp’s. I will be back!

The eipc finale of this incredible edible weekend was my first foray to a Diners, Drive-In’s and Dive’s restaurant in our own backyard of Puyallup. Imagine climbing into the backseat of a sedan and be driven 30 miles south all while needing to go to the restroom. I made it, barely, and Crockett’s Public House far exceeded the hype. Every bite was delicious, and their focus on using artisanal items such as rice oil for healthier frying made each forkful a delight. JW and AK both went with the half chicken and waffle entrees, C opted for the sloppy joes, TW mowed down on their romano chicken and R had their tortilla soup.





co-birthday celebrators!

Two stops in Puyallup in 24 hours, and both were big wins. This ragu was so good, that I did manage to salvage enough for a second meal, and it tasted even better than the first go-around. I highly recommend downloading the Food Network On The Road App, for amazing recommendations. It’s been my back pocket best friend when I am looking for places in new and different cities.


All in all a fantastic tour of Seattle eating, check out my next post about brunch, and you’ll see somehow in the midst of all this, I still managed to have a Sunday nosh session and make a pit stop at Dick’s. Oy! It’s no wonder I felt a bit lethargic on Monday when I had to work. People celebrating people is what makes the tapestry of life feel complete. It’s weekends such as these when Seattle is more than just a pivot point of where I start and end my business, it has wholeheartedly captured my heart with the people I am lucky enough to call my friends and family. Here’s to a wonderful haul of food and fun. March, you were fabulous. Much love to you all, happy Friday!

Until the next bite, cheers.


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