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07.03.2013 by Andrea

photo 2

Sorry New York, I’m cheating on you. Oftentimes I hop on a jet from Seattle with hardly a glance out the window. I truly do love living in your never ending busyness, hustle and bustle. But …. Seattle is so hard to resist during this vibrant time of sun, fun, sun, and did I mention sun? My hair doesn’t pouf out in the nonexistent humidity, my phone doesn’t receive flash flood warnings, and believe it or not I am dealing with a peeling sunburn, due in part to not applying enough sunscreen. Suffice it to say this month you won’t be seeing my face as much Big Apple, but when I do come home I am standing in line for a cronut. Pinky swear.

Enough apologies to NYC. My blog seemingly went on a month-long hiatus. I am not quite sure where the month of June went, or how I am bearing down on ‘merica’s favorite celebration of Independence in t-minus just a few hours but I am excited that summer has arrived prior to July 5 on the West Coast. It is glorious. I don’t think there is a section of the nation that can rival the excitement, anticipation and enjoyment of basking in the heat.

The month of July has me touring around some of my favorite spots throughout the Evergreen State. I just returned from a refreshing ladies weekend in Chelan, my face will be popping back up there at end of the month for the wedding of K & K! Also, anticipate a few pictures on Instagram as I party in the USA over at Crescent Bar this weekend, and then dig into fresh crab compliments of Roche Harbor in a couple of weeks. It’s such a wonderful treat to be able to enjoy quality time with some of my favorite people in picturesque settings, and my appreciation for Washington beauty has multiplied tenfold since living on the East Coast.

Picking up where we left off the 5 mouseketeers, actually down one who is gallivanting about Europe, packed our bags and headed to Chelan this weekend. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that a drawback to NY living is that I no longer subsist on a weekly Sunday supper cooked by Mrs. W. That being said, you can imagine how ecstatic I was to hear that the menu for the weekend sounded like a something straight out of a spa in Napa/Sonomoa. Fish tacos, flank steak, bbq’ed chicken, quinoa salads, fresh fruit, wine, egg white scrambles, banana pancakes, bacon [naturally], and crab guacamole. It felt good to be back!

photo 5

photo 2

wine from the wineries we visited last ladies weekend in Walla Walla

photo 3

clearly my friends know how much I love bacon

photo 4

vitamin C, a serving of fruit = tasty goodness

photo 5

photo 1

quinoa salad, legit!

photo 3

grill master Rii was flawless all weekend long.

photo 4

Of course a ladies trip to the lake wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t partake in some bronzing and imbibing. So … we did that too! We even reprised the crab guacamole that was too die for in Austin from La Condesa. I don’t know how I can ever eat guac plain now!

photo 1

photo 1

photo 2

At this point we have all gotten familiar enough with the wineries over there that we know what we like, who is a member at which wine club, and so the vineyard circuit has become somewhat rote. My friend JS and her boyfriend purchased a groupon last year to fly on a seaplane to a winery on the river. It sounded thrilling and romantic all at the same time, and so this weekend we set out to find it by car. Rio Vista allows for arrivals via automobile, foot, plane, or boat. It’s probably one of the only wineries on the water, and the owner mentioned that they can have upwards of 40+ boats anchored in the river at any given time during the summer. It’s also pet friendly, accommodating for picnics, and large groups. Definitely worth getting out of our normal loop!

photo 4Since Paradiso and Hoopfest also commenced on the same weekend we decided to stay until Monday morning, and the part of the drive back to Seattle that I was awake for [bad co-navigator], was gorgeous.

photo 5

photo 3

successful weekend!

Couldn’t have asked for a better weekend with my favorite group of ladies. Coming down the ol’ blog pipeline, all the eating I did from Memorial Day through June when visitors were streaming in and out of the city like it was a subway turnstile. I got to see a bunch of friends, ate at Katz’s Deli way too much, and sampled a few places that had been on my list of must tries. Also, a post about foraging and farming should be coming shortly too. Feels good to be back, [small side kick], and scout’s honor a large lapse of time between posts won’t be occurring in the near future. Also, for anyone counting, 59 days until Husky football kicks off, ’nuff said. Enjoy the holiday weekend. Stay safe, play safe.

Until the next bite, cheers.


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