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09.13.2013 by Andrea

photo 1

we.are.back! Welcome home Dawg fans, the anticipation and excitement that was mounting for the season, just check my twitter feed, hit an all time frenetic pace, and walking back into E1 to commence the tailgating, never felt so good, [so good, so good]. The Dawn Patrol resumed their normal practices, and convoyed in together at 6:30 am. For those of you doing the math, with kickoff at 7pm, aging bodies [we aren’t the youngblood we once were], and basically a family reunion as we hadn’t had a tailgating command center for an entire season it’s no wonder my feet hurt while we were standing for nearly the entire game and still hurt hours later when I got up the next day. Ever so grateful that the next game, against Idaho St., will only be a five and a half hour tailagte pre-game. Did I just say that? I mean … I am just pacing myself for the entire season …. That’s enough projected tailgate length ramblings, let’s get to the meat of the tailgate. The menu!

photo 2

photo 5

bloody mary garnish included bacon horseradish cheese!

Mr. & Mrs. W alerted the troops with the Monday morning group email and announced pulled pork sandwiches with a sriracha slaw would be in line for the hot main meal. The Chairman, aka AK/the Big Guy/the morning chef du jour said he would cover the AM spread that day and came armed with two casserole dishes filled with egg and sausage soufflés and a tin of breakfast potatoes. We were set! R and I manned the sides for the day and utilizing our Pinterest board, came up with three recipes that complimented the main course lineup. Knowing that it was going to be hot, we wanted to go with salads that could handle the long haul and opted for a cowboy caviar, summer chopped salad, and a white bean sriracha dip. Is it clear we are racheting up the heat factor in some of our offerings?

photo 2

photo 4

our newest gaming addition

photo 3

first jello shots of the season

photo 3

pulled pork sammy


Let the record show, this might be the first time we have ever scrambled to shut down the tailgate and hour or so more prior to kickoff. There was no dilly dallying on this momentous day! To walk into the newly renovated stadium was an exhilarating experience. The stadium has retained it’s classic form, but the newest finishing touches are classy and embody elements of what makes this stadium so great.

photo 4

photo 1

photo 5

The pre-game tour was shoulder to shoulder, like salmon attempting to swing upstream, it was hard to move, but the air was snap, crackling and popping with an electric current plus nobody seemed to mind the slow moving pace as we were all drinking in the changes.

photo 3

photo 2

photo 2

If you had asked me what game had created the biggest pit in my stomach as we marched into a new season it was this opener. While we had a loss to avenge that was fresh from last year, even after all the pre-season commentary it was hard to predict how we were going to play. It was our game to lose. That game made me an uber happy fan! We stunned Boise State, and our new up tempo offense is looking stellar. Let’s hope we can match that pace tomorrow against Illiniois!

photo 3

Couldn’t have asked for a better start to the season. It was an honor to hear and see Dawgs fans be so excited about the rennovation of our stadium and the on-field play. We’ve been patient with the ushering in of the Sark era, and I think we are about to witness the uprising of our football program. In Chicago now, prepping for tomorrow and scheming about meal plans for next Saturday.


Lastly, our tailgate welcomed the first little pup, B & E just welcomed their newest addition the family baby N! She will be making her appearance sometime this season, decked out in purple and gold most assuredly. Congratulations on baby Snowball!


Off to play in the Windy City and fist pump with a few other fans.

Until the next bite, go Dawgs!


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