tailgate tidbits – midseason checkup

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10.31.2013 by Andrea

photo 2

photo credit // bb

It felt too soon. Too soon to tell me that I had overly lofty expectations for the season. To think that I should have been looking more seriously at our schedule after the Stanford/Oregon corridor. Shoulders have dipped a bit. Cheer has diminished. I just wanted to be better than what we have been the past few seasons. I don’t think that I am fully personifying Lady Doom & Gloom, but Husky Nation was hurting this past week.

What we did is pull ourselves up by the bootstraps, honored the Dawgfather, [the man/coaching extraordinaire who helped put us on the map] and hopefully will kill it the rest of the season. I think it’s easy to say that all of the hype this year surrounding the PAC-12 and how amazing we are, being compared to the SEC, etc., etc., might have bolstered too much confidence, and then a few hiccups have come with that. Falling from rankings hurts almost as bad as an 0-12 season.

We took on the Cal Bears this week, and while our marching band didn’t moonwalk like The Ohio State band did or even make a t-rex, it was an evening not to be missed. The man, the myth, the legend, Don James is such an integral part of the makeup of Husky Football and the university did a great job of commemorating his legacy. Kudos to Cal for honoring Coach with a decal on their helmets.

buttons distributed to fans

buttons distributed to fans

If you can believe it, we had an 8pm kickoff, and even bigger than that, we shifted our tailgate kickoff to 8am. This is what you call sleeping in. With 12 hours to play under our belts you know that we attacked all three meals.

tailgating has commenced

tailgating has commenced

I’ve done a bit of gypsy wandering this season and wanted to share the goodies I’ve found at neighboring tailgates.

freshly made pad thai

freshly made pad thai

might have gotten too aggressive in the chili flakes - my mouth was on fire.

might have gotten too aggressive in the chili flakes – my mouth was on fire.

biscuits & gravy

biscuits & gravy + egg caseserole

oregon fans decided to play nice

oregon fans decided to come with jello-o offerings

duck mac & cheese

duck mac & cheese

jalapeño cornbread muffins

jalapeño cornbread muffins

And it’s not just the food that’s been fun to take in …. nobody is lacking in spirit!

diy rain shiel

diy rain shield


costumes & snacks from Mr. & Mrs. K

flags being carried

flags being carried

photo 2


classic apparel

classic apparel

Rounding the bases back to home we have continued to innovate and also revisit some oldies but goodies. Menu’s have included breakfast burritos, savory french toast, grilled cheese & tomato soup, chili’s and we still have a few more games to get our eat on.

photo 1

French toast prepared two ways, savory – bacon crumbles, asiago, mushrooms and chives in a salt, pepper and rosemary egg bath on sourdough bread and sweet – dark sweet bread with caramelized peaches, blueberries, pecans, whip cream dipped in a vanilla and nutmeg egg bath.


meatball sub prep

meatball sub & caesar salad prep

No game that we are facing really is going to be a cakewalk. But I do think we have a good chance to be better than a .500 team. There are 5 games left on the schedule, and these are the moments that can make a season mediocre or filled with greatness. Let’s do this Dawgs.

Until the next bite, the rest of the season is for you, Coach.


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