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11.29.2013 by Andrea

photo 1

Whelp. Another season is nearly all wrapped up and in the books. Of course this afternoon we are hoping to erase last years terrible meltdown in Pullman. For most Husky and Cougar fans, today is the most wonderful day of the season. I can’t say that I am not nervous, that would be a lie. I can say that I don’t want to project, have been biting my nails all week, and am refusing to read what the point spread is for the game. I am just closing my eyes, crossing my fingers, and going into the stadium blindly. Well pseudo-blindly, don’t want to trip going up and down the the stairs to my seat. All in a all it’s been a difficult series of games to document. Hopes were flying high at the start, then a few miserable losses … it’s enough to leave even the heartiest Dawg fan a bit downtrodden. A redemptive win over the Cougars would go a long way to assuage the wounds we’ve accumulated since our triumphant win over Boise State to kickoff the season.

photo 2

This is the second year that Apple Cup has been the day after Thanksgiving, and personally it’s a trend I hope doesn’t continue. It’s really not ultra convenient for the Thanksgiving revelers. We tossed around doing a mashup of Thanksgiving leftovers for the tailgate, but ultimately are winding down the season in a bit more low-key fashion.

I haven’t been able to attend all the home games and away game functions but that doesn’t mean that drool and lip smacking hasn’t occurred. A couple of weeks ago the Big Guy brought his twist on tailgate cookin’ with major flavor He upped the ante with Korean short ribs, kimchi fried rice, topped with a runny egg, and then a salad with a sesame dressing. He went big, and everyone went to the game with a slight food coma. So I heard.

photo 3

Mrs. W complimented his meal with a breakfast of champions. Biscuits and sausage gravy with arugula, fried eggs and hot sauce. Spicy!

photo 4

I know that I said going into the season I knew that I was going to be missing out on some sweet bites, but I truly have to admit I am not a fan of it. I hate missing meals, especially ones like these. I shouldn’t feel too badly because as my favorite new Rotterdam residents have quickly learned, not only are the games broadcasting generally while they are sleeping, they also aren’t getting in on the food goods either. Big thumbs up to K & K for allowing us to wake you up, and then watching some of the games via Skype.

photo 2

rise & shine, it’s game time!

In the past we have done pretty lavish away game parties, but this year we dialed in some healthier eating habits per some members within our group and opted for some hearty homemade and homegrown entrees.

photo 1

white chicken chili

salad time

salad time

All in all a whirlwind of a season. Feels like we were just counting down the days to the start and now are bearing down on the close. So many great highlights and memories. With a bowl game in our future, lots to be excited about but the decisive bragging rights/grandaddy of all games comes down to this afternoon. Here’s to a good run!

As a side note on field action might be drawing to a close but the season of gift giving is wide open. If there is a Dawg  or ‘hawks fan in your midst two of my gal pals have etsy storefronts up with unique gifts for your favorite sports fan. Recently added to my wish list  from sassyloves is her newly unveiled  bottle cap magnets.

team spirit magnets

team spirit magnets

photo 2

bottle cap rings

Isn’t this lil’ number begging to be worn? Who can resist this tutu? I have been brainstorming whom I can gift this too. Check out sew crazy! All of E’s items are comfy and cozy.

I’m off to the stadium to ring in the final tailgate of 2013. Until the next bite, hopefully the end results will be a more upbeat post Apple Cup recap. Cheers & Go Dawgs.


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