hoppy holidays


01.02.2014 by Andrea

photo 1

yes, I dropped the box and nearly got fired from a volunteer shift.

To say that I have been experiencing a frustrating creative time squeeze, much like how I imagine this crippled box of broken glasses felt when I dropped them, is putting things lightly. “Time’s up,” is not a destination I am used to arriving at, and it’s been difficult to admit I can’t fit everything in all the time. [I’m getting old people]. I’ve kept looking at my blog draft queue and realizing I have 9, well now 8 posts, in my pipeline and haven’t had a chance to get to any of them. 2013 expired before I had a chance post all sorts of goodies that are each in a half finished state. They date back to Autumn, and clearly aren’t writing themselves. For the record, I am doing a fall look-back in the coming weeks, nothing like a throwback from three months ago. For better or for worse, the blogging drought is over.

New year, new rules, right? We are officially deep into twenty fourteen, [yes, it’s only day two], but my mind is already abuzz. Shocking, right? I am usually pretty resolute in not making grandiose plans that start on January 1, and like to think of Labor Day weekend as an end of summer sendoff, and ushering in of a new season. However, in the past 9 months a lot of what I thought I knew has been somewhat derailed. In a good way. Along with that comes opening myself up a bit more, loosening my grasp on all things I thought I needed to have a tight-fisted sense of control of, thus allowing even more life to happen. Meaning, deep breath, it’s okay that I have some old blog posts to share and yes, goal setting can commence at the first of the year.

The most exciting news, that I have been trying to keep from bubbling over [can’t keep a secret, and yes, we are still in the formative stages] is to announce a new venture my favorite eating and beverage guzzling partner in crime and I have conceived. BB and I had been jokingly tossing around the idea for over a year, and after much polling and feedback [thank you friends, family & s.o.’s], chats over beer, and even more brainstorming we think that we are onto something. Our plan is to launch a beer vlog. We don’t profess to know everything about hops, but we do know that we enjoy beer + think we are funny. Fingers are crossed, we are shooting for a mid-February launch and success for us it just to be able to share two of our loves, beer and food, with our community of family and friends.

photo 2


Here is where you come in, our tentative working name is black & tan, but as you can imagine the twitter and instagram handles have already been taken. Suggestions, ideas for creative names incorporating b & t would be most welcome. Throw us a comment at the end of this post [all the way at the bottom is a link to leave a comment. hint, hint]. Have a wittier name than black & tan? We would love to hear it. Want to go beerventuring with us? Shoot us a message, we are the more the merrier kind of gals!

There is a lot to be done to get this off the ground, but we believe it’s worthwhile. BB is well on her way to filling up her first WABL, Washington Beer Lovers passport. Admittedly, I only have 1 stamp to date. We are certain that we will have this lil’ guy filled up in no time and would love for other beer drinkers to join in our revelry.

photo 5

You can also find us on untappd, as bethanybb & eatsandtweets. Again, suffice it to say that I am lagging in the check-ins and taster notes, but BB is full steam ahead.

photo 2

first untappd badge

Thanks to BB’s fast thinking after eating at the Winterfeast, Mobile Food Rodeo we were able to scoot on over to Fremont Brewing Company and tackle those two items off my beer bucket list.

photo 1

photo 4

photo 3

This post is a bit of a solicitation, if it wasn’t already obvious. We naturally have a running list of festivals to attend and beers that we have tasted/plan to sample but are looking for more. What are your favorites? Specific dining spots where you love the food and beer pairings? New hot spots we should check out, let us know.

In the meantime, I have charged myself to spend less time on the Facebook, and move back ahead into the blogging world. Apologies now if the flood of posts ends up being too much. Nobody else is going to step back up my game, other than me, right?

Thank you in advance for any tokens, and nuggets you toss into the black & tan suggestion pint. We certainly are excited about the direction we are headed and deeply value to your feedback.

Until the next post, prost!


2 thoughts on “hoppy holidays

  1. Kelsey N says:

    Mind blown. Can’t wait for more. Also the name has to be Black and Tan because that’s the best thing I’ve heard in forever.

  2. John Bradwin says:

    Definitely Black Raven Brewing in Redmond

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