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03.14.2014 by Andrea

After a willful battle against jet lag, [which I normally am the triumphant victor], and trying to assimilate back into this thing called work, I’m back!

My mind was blown in India. It seems ironic for a self proclaimed food blogger that my favorite images and memories aren’t necessarily tied to all of the fare I consumed.ย I do believe that I was a less adventurous eater due to being on a tour where nearly every day we were in a state of transit, and getting sick on a local bus or sleeper train isn’t that appealing. Also, not going to lie, I don’t eat the same cuisine on the daily for 15 days when I am home. I glommed onto any chance to order pizza, and nobody needs to see how many times I ate pizza in India.

I’ve been spending a fair amount of time browsing through my picture galleries [a true novelty for a person who prior to the trip didn’t own anything beyond an iPhone camera].ย It has dawned on me that oftentimes the subject matter of snapshots ends up being somewhat one dimensional, they all seem vastly important through the lens of the beholder. I’m okay if you yawn your way through this [been there, done that], more food escapades are on the books. I’ve whittled it down to a few of my favorite photographic captures and I hope you enjoy what I’ve chosen to share. If I ever do a Dropbox album I’ll post a link. For ease of loading this post, some of the pictures are a tad small but you can click on each one individually. ย 

Presenting, a few of my unforgettable moments in India.



deep fried sticky treat

may have posed with thesis couple after their wedding vows.

may have posed with this couple after their wedding vows. #weddingcrasher


lunch being prepared on the Ganges


lunch on the Ganges


simple & sweet dessert



masala chai on the banks of the Ganges River


one of the easiest/cleanest/least smelly outdoor toilets I used.


‘appy hour {pakora – deep fried veggies}


children seeing themselves after they had their picture taken


local market vendor

market vendor

lunch being prepared in a local home

lunch being prepared in a local home




lunch at the royal hunting lodge

lunch at a royal hunting lodge

post wedding clean up crew

post wedding clean up crew


wish I could sit like this for prolonged periods of time

wish I could sit like this for prolonged periods of time



thoroughly enjoyed what each woman is doing in this shot


this guy has more on his scooter than I can pack in my sedan

Thanks for trotting along on this amazing journey with me. I’m still in the process of absorbing and evaluating the whirlwind that occurred from start to finish of this exquisite expedition. What I do know is that I went in with eyes wide open, and just now am beginning to download and extract how I can grow and learn from this experience.


swear this looks like a high school dance photo backdrop

Several goodies to be unveiled in the next few posts. Until the next bite, happy pi day!


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