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03.08.2016 by Andrea


I’m aging and it’s not in the Benjamin Button kind of way. More so, it’s in the way where you blink and realize that you started this little nugget of a blog in 2010, accidentally took a nearly two year hiatus with monthly intentions to get back to sharing and then life happened.

It’s that aging time where now I am fighting gravity and having to workout harder (with focused intentions) and eat cleaner.


I’ve arrived at the stage in aging where you realize the time is now, this post is now, and if not now when? (I think that means that I’m in my 30’s, I’ve got a stir crazy mad travel bug and I am using my slow cooker, a lot.)



when did waiting for my homemade soup to cool become a thing I do?

It’s been awhile since I spewed my guts here, and a lot has happened (or so I think). In my mind there are parts of me that think that I’ve grown and stretched (so, so much) and done this thing called maturation. Then … I realize there is so much that is exactly the same and ultimately you gotta do you.


The steadfast thing that hasn’t changed a bit is that I still love eating. My hips don’t love my habits as much (cue me looking at my {opened, but yet to be used} juicer) but a girl has to come to terms with her number one love (New York City) and the closest second in the world (carbs). We can just call it a photo finish of sorts.


So, here is the skinny, I might be a little bolder, brasher, and concise in my blogging, but still I love talking food. I get slightly twitterpated when I get to recommend a food something or dining establishment to someone (really, anyone who will listen) aaand, I’ve started to do a little cooking.

Let’s not all have massive corononary heartaches all at the same time. It’s just a crockpot folks (what?!? I love soup and short ribs). Plus, as I’m barreling full speed ahead towards my mid-30’s I’ve started to become mindful about things that I put in my mouth, and what part I can do to be more thoughtful around that.


So, with that said … hello, it’s me! I’m back in the saddle, revisiting my fork to mouth experiences. I can’t put 20 months of fresh and fun eats in one post but I will share a few Seattle (plus a Walla Walla goodie) highlights of late.


Spinasse – ummmm, hello amazing pasta that I want to order for takeout every night (butter & sage – ’nuff said).


not the best picture, but one of the best plates of pasta I’ve eaten in Seattle.


Eltana – it took too long for me visit you the first time, but I won’t ever quit you.


that spicy garlic schmear is everything.


Searing scallops on a salt rock. This was a whole new world for me! A friend prepared her own birthday dinner (I know, I know – don’t judge), and wow, what a highlight. Fantastic in so many ways, it’s hard to put words to paper how amazing this was.



Walla Walla, this will have to be a post in and of itself (again) but this sweet little spot in the country keeps getting better and better. Or maybe my palate does.


bacon & eggs (the restaurant) never disappoints, and has a a great new location.


Mioposto, they just do ‘za right.



French 75’s, I don’t know where you’ve been all my life, but I’m happy that we’ve quickly become better acquainted with one another in 2016.



I am huge fan girl of Simply Real Health, and also Skinnytaste.


skinnytaste, chicken parm (cooked by yours truly)


It’s a total eclipse of the … something, because it’s happened I’ve cooked. Rejoin this journey of mine with me (plus the usual suspects), but more importantly, I hope at some point we can break bread together.



eating & tweeting is back!

Until the next bite.

One thought on “guess who’s back

  1. I’m hungry! (And you’ve painfully reminded me of my long-lost blog still out there on the internets somewhere…..)

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